Visit the Zoo
Schools - General Information


Due to high demand, we recommend that you book tours and interviews at least three weeks in advance. However, your desired time slot may already be full by then. If you wish to visit the zoo without a tour or interview, you do not need to book.

School groups from Basel-City and Basel County cantons are entitled to free entry to Basel Zoo. Per head, other school groups pay:

Pupils, aged 6 - 15:
CHF 10.-*
Group ticket (100 people or more): CHF 9.-*
Young people, aged 16-24 :
CHF 15.-*
Group ticket (100 people or more): CHF 12.-*
Accompanying person:
Per 10 children, 1 person: CHF 13.-*

*Admission prices include a nature-conservation contribution of CHF 1.00. If you do not wish to pay the nature-conservation contribution, please inform the cashier and you will be able to purchase cheaper admission tickets.

Additional accompanying people pay the regular entrance fees (also applies
for Basel-Land and Basel-Stadt cantons).

Out of consideration for our animals, there are certain rules on behaviour that we would like you to follow:

Please do not feed the animals
Feeding our animals could be harmful to them.
Please do not bang on the glass
This is very dangerous for our fish, because sound pressure in water is much greater than it is in air. Fish are extremely sensitive to sound disturbances.
Please do not throw anything into the enclosures
Our animals become increasingly withdrawn if they are disturbed during their rest periods.
Please do not make a noise
This is the only way to observe the animals undisturbed.
Please do not scribble on the enclosure signs
They are a source of information and the costs of cleaning them are high.

Thank you for your understanding.

If we go into another person’s room we usually knock on the door and wait for an answer. To meet the needs of the animals in the children’s zoo, it is advisable to do the same.  That means that we make ourselves noticeable before we approach, by talking to the animals.  If we are disturbing the animals as they eat or sleep, we have to put our own needs to one side and come back later. 

We must always remember that the stables and enclosures are the animals’ homes, so we have to behave like guests!