Sponsor an animal at Basel Zoo

Turbo snail, Indian rhinoceros, ground squirrel or sea cucumber? Many of the animals at Basel Zoo are still waiting to be adopted. Help pay for the food and care that an animal needs, and accompany Basel Zoo on its way to becoming a zoo of the future.

Why sponsor an animal?
Basel Zoo has to raise a large part of its funding itself. At the same time, it wishes to remain a zoo that is accessible to everyone by offering attractive admission prices. Through their support, private individuals, companies and the public purse ensure that this will indeed remain the case.

Occupying its animals and providing them with varied food are an important and expensive part of the concept adopted at Basel Zoo. By sponsoring an animal, you can help Basel Zoo keep its animals in a manner appropriate to their needs and in as near-natural conditions as possible.

Have you got a favourite animal? Then why not adopt one of the animals at Basel Zoo? You will then make a key contribution towards the cost of its food and care. And you can also give an "Sponsor an Animal" gift to your friends, relatives and colleagues at work.

When you sponsor an animal, you receive
- an sponsorship certificate with a photo of the animal species
- a short description of the animal species
- a name entry on the list of animal adopters
- an invitation to the annual sponsors' day at the zoo

We would like to extend our thanks to you on behalf of all the animals.

Or would you like to make it possible for a sick child with a long-term illness to adopt an animal? Then just click here. You can give a child a great deal of pleasure in this way.