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Zoo Restaurant

Rooms and spaces – Flexible and customisable

Situated in pleasant proximity to the animals, the redesigned zoo restaurant is a building whose flexible architecture and modern furnishings make it the perfect setting for a wide variety of events and occasions. At the same time, the new zoo restaurant offers a range of additional services that enable visitors to fully experience the fascinating ambience of Basel Zoo while enjoying attentive hospitality and culinary delicacies from the local region. Also available for groups of 40 or more after zoo closing hours.

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‘Elephant View’ – A fantastic vista

We would like to welcome our visitors to enjoy our contemporary cuisine in this unique location with views of our new ‘Tembea’ enclosure. In line with the zoo’s philosophy, particular attention is paid to sustainability and fresh, seasonal and regional produce.

Our current menu

From April to October, if the weather is good and temperatures are pleasant, then you can also sit out on the terrace and enjoy direct views of the elephant and lemur enclosure.

Your host Priska Anliker, head chef Alexander Zubler and the whole team look forward to welcoming you.

Contact and Opening Hours

Table reservations on Tel. 061 295 34 30, email: restaurant@zoobasel.ch

Open daily 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Together in a unique natural setting

A visit to Basel Zoo has always given people of all ages something to get excited about. Sharing in a joint celebration, wedding or anniversary adds to this feeling: the positive impressions of each individual combine to create a general mood that becomes simply unforgettable.

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Catering – Delicious fare for every occasion

From a standing buffet lunch or cocktails in the light-flooded foyer, a number of spacious areas are available for both private and business events in the form of the new “Zolli” room, a room with a view of the elephant enclosure, and several meeting rooms: the new zoo restaurant can cater for family parties, weddings and anniversaries, as well seminars, club celebrations and business events for up to 460 people.

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Guided tours – Spotlight on the animals

Guided tours of Basel Zoo leave their mark in a number of ways: they are relaxing, informative and educational. Visitors learn fascinating facts about the animals and their habitat from our expert zoo guides, helping to increase their awareness of the complex workings of the natural world. The themes that can be selected for a guided tour are as varied as the enclosures at the zoo. Guided tours takes place both in the individual animal houses and along the outdoor enclosures, and can be combined with cocktails on request.

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Contakt – The Event Team

The Event Team at Basel Zoo devotes all its energy and abilities to ensuring that your event, party, banquet or anniversary is an unforgettable experience. We will be happy to help with all enquiries, including requests for dates, reservations, and guided tours, and provide advice.

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